Frequently Asked Questions

I have placed an order using a cheque / postal order / money order / bank transfer. What next?

When you place an order using any method other than 'Credit/Debit Card', your order will be classed as an 'Invoice Order'. This means that the order will go through to us and will be held waiting until we receive your payment. To help us locate your order, you will receive a confirmation email after you have placed it. This email will contain an order number, which you should write down on a piece of paper and send with your Cheque/Postal Order/Money Order payment. Please note that if you are sending a payment in this way, we recommend sending it with an insured delivery method for your protection.

You Know IT
1201 W Amelia St.
Orlando, FL
United States

For all of our customers worldwide, please make your cheques/postal orders/money orders/western union transfers payable to 'You Know IT'.

For Bank Transfers, you will need to place your order first. Then, using the details listed below, transfer your payment to us via your local bank. This will transfer money into our bank account, and is a safe way to purchase products if you do not own a Credit/Debit card but do have an existing bank account. When you have transferred the money successfully, please email us with some essential details:

  1. The order number of your order
  2. The transaction reference number
  3. The exact amount of money sent
  4. The currency in which the money was sent
  5. The date on which the transfer was made

When we receive these details we will locate your payment and process your order. To send us a bank transfer payment, please use the following details: