Aqua Cat Contact Lenses

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  • By MsCheshireCat from Los Angeles
    06 January 2014
    These lenses arrived so quickly and they are overseas for me. These lenses were amazing as soon as I put them on. They were perfect for my Tim Burtin Inspired Cheshire Cat costume. They truly do last about a year, I wore mine 2 Halloweens and as long as you clean them and store them properly, you should have no problems with these comfortable lenses. Thanks!!
  • By Allison from USA
    26 October 2013
  • Aqua Cat
    These are good quality contacts for the price. And the shipping is FAST. I got my pair in 5 days. The lenses tend to move so the cat eye isn't up and down all the time but there isn't much anyone can do for that. My peripherals are blurry when I wear them but that was expected.
  • By sara from united states
    23 October 2012
  • :D
    it was the best things ever i loved them and they where super enjoyable to wear i have no problems with mine.