Royal Blue Contact Lenses (Pair)

Product Code: CRAZY-64


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  • By Staci Cabral from Wichita Kansas
    21 August 2011
  • Blue Eyes
    I absolutely love these!!! I naturally have darker eyes and they totally turned my eyes bright blue! My picture is in the customers photos. Mine are just of my eyes up close. That is not enhanced at all. That is what they look like sitting in a house. They are awesome!!! They last forever as well!!! Totally recommend these!!!
  • By Kenzy from Menasha, Wisconsin
    24 December 2010
  • The best 27 dollars I spent on my life.
    So these are my first contacts. Must I say these are incredibly comfortable! I was surprised how short it took for my eyes to stop being red. They're a really bright blue. From far away they look black, and thats a bonus for me! I have very dark eyes, and they still look very vibrant!