Are Contact Lenses Safe?

Fashion contact lenses are safe to wear as long as you use and store them correctly. Our contact lenses are produced to exacting standards by manufacturers that we trust. They are very high quality and if used correctly will not damage your eyes in any way. Please read over these pages and the manufacturer's instructions to make sure that you are doing so. Using contact lenses incorrectly can cause irritation so make sure you are completely clear and happy with how to use your lenses before you actually do so.

Consult An Optician Before Wearing Lenses If:

  • You have a previous eye- related condition
  • You have severe visual impairment
  • You have previously experienced problems when with contact lenses

Do Not Use Contact Lenses If :

  • You are suffering from eye-irritation e.g. due to illness or contamination
  • You cannot use them according to the safety instructions on this site
  • You do not have contact lens solution to rinse them with
  • The lenses have expired
  • The lenses are torn / damaged

Remove Your Contact Lenses Immediately If:

  • You experience any pain when wearing lenses
  • Your vision is seriously impaired when wearing lenses
  • Your eye becomes very red when you insert a lens