Blue Contact Lenses

Blue contact lenses are one of the most popular types of contact lenses and when you see the results it's easy to see why everyone loves them! Blue eyes instantly refresh the complexion and create a bright, wide awake look. We are all born with blue eyes - even if they only last a few days - and as a result blue eyes are associated with youth and innocence. This makes blue contact lenses very popular especially natural-look blue contacts that make your eyes look brighter and younger.

There are lots of different types of blue contact lenses including blue cat eye contact lenses, natural blue contacts and block colour blue contact lenses that completely block out your natural eye colour. If you are looking for a convincing natural blue eye we recommend a multi-tone blue lens that will blend with your natural eye colour. Blue contact lenses are also very popular for manga costumes and cosplay - many cute manga characters have blue eyes, for example Sailor Moon.

Natural-Look Blue Contact Lenses

Thanks to new designs of natural-look contact lenses it is possible to create a very convincing natural looking blue eye with blue contact lenses. If you want a natural look it is important to stay away from block colour lenses - they are great for costumes but rarely look natural. Instead choose a natural-look blue contact lens with multi-tones. You can also choose a more subtle colour blue lens and ask yourself if you have ever seen anyone with this colour eyes - if the answer is yes the lenses are more likely to look natural.

Which Blue Contact Lenses Look Good On Dark Eyes?

If you have dark brown or black eyes it can be hard to find good blue contact lenses but there are some great options out there. The first thing is to make sure that your blue contacts are opaque and do not have clear sections - these lenses add just a hint of blue and are designed for people with blue, grey or green eyes. Your best bet is an opaque contact lens in a fairly vibrant, deep blue lens. Darker blues usually look best on dark eyes - if you choose a very light blue they are unlikely to suit your complexion and may not be dark enough to cover your natural eye colour. Blue lenses with a black outer ring will also blend in better for a more natural-looking result.