Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

Coloured contacts are a great way to change your look but what if your natural eye colour is very dark? Which lenses will look good on dark eyes? If you were asking this question even a few years ago you would have real trouble finding good coloured contact lenses for dark eyes but thanks to advances in the way contact lenses are made, there are now lots of contact lenses that look great on dark eyes. The trick is to find contact lenses that will completely cover your eye colour and have colours that are strong enough to show up on a dark eye colour. There are also a few other tips and tricks you can use to find good contacts for dark eyes, which you can real all about on this information page.

Which Type of Contact Lenses Look Best for Dark Eyes?

There are two main types of coloured contact lenses - enhancement contact lenses and opaque contact lenses. Enhancement lenses are designed to simply enhance and brighten your natural colour. They are usually translucent or may have clear sections that allow your natural eye colour to show through the lens. They create a subtle effect but do not usually show up on dark coloured eyes. Opaque lenses on the other hand will look just as good on light or dark coloured eyes. Their colour is completely opaque and will cover your natural eye colour properly. When you are shopping for contact lenses make sure you check the product information to see if the lenses are enhancement lenses or opaques. You should also be able to tell from the product image - if for example you look at a Blue Funky Eyes Contact Lens you can see that there are clear sections in the design. This lens looks great on light eyes but may not show up on brown and black eyes. The design should look completely filled in, with no little gaps. A better choice for dark eyes would be the Blue 3 Tone Funky Eyes Contact Lens or ColourVue Blue 3 Tone Contact Lenses.

As well as looking for an opaque lens, there are certain categories of contact lens that look better on dark eyes. Big Eye Lenses look great on dark eyes - this is because the big eye design was originally designed for the Japanese market where the majority of people have dark-coloured eyes. The same applies to circle lenses. We also recommend choosing a lens with a dark outer ring. Sometimes a contact lens can slip a little to reveal your natural eye colour at the edge of the lens. This is not very noticeable but will stand out more if the edge of your lens is a light colour. If your lenses have a dark outer ring, this will blend in with your natural colour and make any slips unnoticeable.

Another type of lens that will look good on dark eyes is Halloween contact lenses. Halloween lenses are designed to completely change the look of your eye and as a rule they are opaque. Halloween lenses may not give you a very subtle look, but they are definitely good contact lenses for dark eyes!

What Colour Contact Lenses Look Best on Dark Eyes?

Modern colour contact lenses are very sophisticated and you should be able to find any colour lens for dark eyes. As long as you choose an opaque colour contact lens it should look good on your dark eyes. There are however some things to look out for when buying colour contact lenses for dark eyes:

  1. Look for lenses with a dark outer ring. Sometimes when you blink your contact lens can slip a little, revealing the outer edge of your iris. This will only be noticeable if the colour of the lens is much lighter than your iris, but if your lens has a dark outer ring the lens will simply blend into your iris. This makes your contacts much more convincing. You can find a dark outer ring on even light-coloured lenses, so you can wear light colours without your own eye colour showing.
  2. Look for lenses that are advertised for dark eyes. Most contact lens brands are very clear about the effect of their lenses and they should tell you if the lenses are suitable for dark and light eyes.
  3. Bear in mind the contrast between your natural eye colour and the lens colour. If you are wearing lenses much lighter than your natural eye colour they will naturally stand out and look less convincing. If you want a natural look try to find lenses with darker multi-tones or a dark outer ring, which will bring even a bright blue lens nearer to the colour spectrum of your own eyes.
  4. Think about make up. We all choose our eye make up to flatter and enhance our eyes but this means that when you change eye colours you may need to alter your make up - colours that looked great with brown eyes might not suit baby blues! Be experimenting with different make up styles you will be able to make your contact lenses look more subtle.