Green Contact Lenses

Green contact lenses create a truly stunning look - especially if your natural eye colour is hazel or blue. Green is an uplifting colour that brightens surrounding colours. This means that green contact lenses brighten up the eye area and refresh your complexion. Green eyes are relatively unusual in many parts of the world, so a pair of green contact lenses is sure to make you stand out.

There are lots of different types of green contact lenses, including a huge choice of fancy dress green lenses, green reptile lenses, cat eye lenses and big eye lenses. Green lenses are a popular choice for fantasy lenses, as are our range of natural-look green contact lenses.

Natural Look Green Contact Lenses

It is often easier to create natural-looking green eyes than natural-looking blue eyes using contact lenses. This is because green is closer to brown and hazel on the colour spectrum, so green tones blend more convincingly with brown eyes. We suggest staying away from block colour green contacts and instead choosing natural-look green contacts. A multi-tone lens or specially blended green lens will look much more natural and you can also find what we call "green tint contact lenses. Green tint contact lenses have a clear background and a speckled pattern that allows the green colour to blend in with your natural eye colour. These are great if you have hazel or blue eyes, or if you have green eyes but want a more intense look.

Which Green Contact Lenses Look Good On Dark Eyes?

When choosing green contact lenses to wear on dark eyes always choose a lens that is opaque (not transparent) and will not show your natural eye colour. It is best to go for darker greens and more vibrant tones - these colours will be strong enough to cover up your natural eye colour. If you want to create a convincing natural look, we recommend a darker green - this is more likely to flatter your complexion. If however you are less worried about your green lenses looking convincing, a bright green lens is the best way to stand out in the crowd!