Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween Costume Contact Lenses

Halloween contact lenses are a great way to complete your Halloween costume and give it an extra scary feel. Halloween contacts are usually coloured contact lenses and come in a huge choice of designs, from specific character designs to classic monsters and spooky colours. They add an extra dimension to even the simplest Halloween costume and make it easier to create a freaky, convincing look.

There are two types of Halloween contact lenses - lenses designed for specific costumes e.g. vampire contact lenses, and general scary contact lenses that can be used in all sorts of Halloween costumes. On this page you can find out more about the different types of Halloween contacts available and how to get the best look with them.

When wearing Halloween contact lenses is it important to be extra careful when inserting and removing them. This is because you will probably we wearing them as part of a costume with make up, which can easily get into your eyes or lenses and irritate your eyes - Halloween make up is often messier than regular cosmetics. Always insert your lenses before you put on your Halloween make up using clean fingers. We also suggest removing your lenses after taking off your make up, although if you need to take them out first just make sure your hands are clean.

Vampire Contact Lenses

To create a really amazing vampire costume, always add a pair of vampire contact lenses! Vampire contact lenses come in a great choice of designs based on different types of vampires, so it's easy to create your ideal vampire look.

There are as many opinions on what vampire eyes look like as there are vampire stories. Most traditional vampire legends do not specify a certain eye colour but many modern vampire stories feature a specific eye colour for vampires that makes them easy to identify or that they reveal in their true vampiric form. Many TV and film vampires have completely black eyes or completely white eyes that you can easily replicate with black out contact lenses and white out contact lenses. Both these types of vampire lens give you a shocking non-human look that's perfect for a scary vampire - the black out lenses are more intense but white out lenses will give your vampire costume a spooky undead feel.

For a classic blood-fed look you can't go wrong with red contact lenses. Most modern vampire stories have a specific eye colour for their vamps but perhaps the most famous is Stephanie Meyer's Twlight Saga. In Twilight vampires have either golden eyes or red eyes, depending on their lifestyle. Twilight vampire contact lenses make it easy to recreate this look and unlike some other vampire costumes, Twilight vampire contact lenses are very alluring. No matter which type of vampire contact lenses you choose remember that they are only one part of the look - don't forget vampire make up and a suitably deathly costume for the full vampire effect.

Devil Eye Contact Lenses

Devil eye contact lenses make it easy to create a scary Halloween costume and come in a great choice of designs. The most popular devil eye contact lenses are blood red and there are many red devil contact lenses available from different brands.

As well plain red devil contacts you'll also find a wide range of hellish designs that are ideal for a devil or demon costume. Bloodshot eyes look great as do flame designs and any combination of red and black. The great thing about devil eye contact lenses is that they can be worn in lots of different ways. You can wear your devil lenses as part of a classic red devil outfit, a vampire costume, zombie or any kind of undead creature. They also look great as part of a more subtle devil costume - try pairing your devil eye contact lenses with regular clothes and a hint of undead make up for a spooky modern day demon.

Zombie Contact Lenses

Zombie contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular not only for Halloween but for horror movie events, conventions and zombie walks - gatherings of people dressed as zombies, usually in a town centre or at a convention. Zombie costumes are relatively easy to create and the eyes are an important part of the costume - luckily there is a huge choice of zombie contact lenses out there.

Modern zombie films usually depict zombies as undead, hideous and decomposing. They usually have white, bloody or discoloured eyes that are surprisingly easy to recreate with zombie contact lenses. Classic zombie contact lenses are usually white or grey, perhaps with a black ring around the lens, giving your eyes a bleach-out, lifeless appearance. Another option is the bloody zombie contact lens that either looks bloodshot, damaged, decomposed or filled with rage. These two types reflect the two main styles of zombie seen in horror films - the slow George A Romero zombies usually have colourless eyes while the fast zombies of later films tend to have bloody eyes. At You Know It we have a great range of both types of zombie contact lenses so it's easy to create your ideal zombie look.

Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Cat eye contact lenses are a classic choice and really transform your eyes. Cat contact lenses have vertical pupils just like a cat's eye and come and huge range of different colours and styles to suit your look.

Classic cat eye contact lenses feature a black vertical pupil on a background of either yellow or green, mimicking a real cat's eye. However you can now find a much wider range of cat eye contact lenses in almost any colour, including blue Siamese cat eye contact lenses, fantasy colours and glow in the dark colours that really stand out. The great thing about cat eye contacts is that you can wear them with lots of different Halloween costumes. As well as cat costumes they look great for reptilian looks, spooky vampire costumes, alien creatures and demon outfits. When you put in your cat contact lenses you may find that the vertical pupils are not centred in your eye or are not the right way up. To fix this simply use a clean finger to gently move the contact lens into place so that the pupil is upright and placed in the middle of your eye. For maximum effect wear with chic cat eye eyeliner and whiskers.

Werewolf Contact Lenses

Werewolf contact lenses are the perfect finishing touch for a scary costume. Werewolf contacts come in a wide choice of designs and make it easy to complete the sort of werewolf costume that you want.

Stories and traditions concerning werewolves can be found all over the world but none of them specify what the werewolf's eyes should look like. Many modern werewolf books and films depict werewolves having glowing yellow eyes, amber eyes or vibrant green eyes that give them an animalistic, wild look. Depending on the story, werewolves may have these eyes in their human form too. Recreating these werewolf eyes is relatively easy using werewolf contact lenses. Werewolf contact lenses and wolf eye contact lenses are widely available and often have a dark outer ring that gives you a really intense look.