Hazel Contact Lenses

Hazel is a beautiful eye colour and our hazel contact lenses are a very popular choice. Hazel contacts are a light brown colour, usually with a more golden, tawny aspect. Hazel contact lenses are great because they look lovely on both dark and light coloured eyes - they really suit naturally brown eyes and give blue and green-eye people a completely different look.

Most hazel contact lenses are designed to look as natural as possible - we find most people who buy hazel lenses are trying to create a subtle, convincing look. This means that most hazel contacts have a multi-tone design and are very flattering. If you have olive skin or a dark complexion, hazel contact lenses will really open up your eyes and brighten the eye area. Fairer skin tones will find that hazel contacts completely transform your look - this is especially true for blonds and redheads.

Natural Look Hazel Contact Lenses

Most hazel contact lenses are quite subtle and it is surprisingly easy to create a natural-looking hazel eye. Natural-look hazel contact lenses will have a multi-tone design with light and dark tones to suit different complexions. Hazel contact lenses look most natural if your eyes are already brown - rather than completely changing your eye colour they simply take you to a different shade on the same spectrum. Green eyes have many tones in common with hazel, while those with blue eyes will have the biggest transformation.

Which Hazel Contact Lenses Look Good On Dark Eyes?

Hazel contact lenses are a very popular choice for people with naturally dark eyes and as a result, most hazel contacts are designed to work on even black eyes. To make sure that your hazel contact lenses look at their best, go for vibrant hazel tones that will stand out against your natural eye colour. It is also important to choose an opaque lens that will cover your entire iris. If you also have dark hair and a fairly dark skin tone, we recommend a hazel lens with a darker outer ring. These lenses are more likely to suit your complexion, whilst still giving you the brightness of a real hazel eye colour.