Red Contact Lenses

Red contact lenses are a great way to stand out and create a really shocking look. Red lenses completely transform your look and really make a statement. They are perfect for gothic styles and add a extra dimension to Halloween costumes.

Red contact lenses come in a two main varieties - plain red lenses and red lenses with a design. Plain red contact lenses are often referred to as "devil red lenses" and are perfect for Halloween costumes such as devils, vampires, zombies and werewolves. They completely cover your own eye colour and really stand out. Red contact lenses with a pattern or design give you more options to create different kinds of looks. On the whole, any red on a contact lens will give your eyes a slightly Halloween-themed look, perfect if you want to create a subtler yet still scary outfit.

Which Red Contact Lenses Look Good On Dark Eyes?

Most red contact lenses work very well on dark eyes. This is because red is such a strong colour, and because red contact lenses are not designed to look natural. This allows the designers to use wonderfully bright reds and bold designs that stand out.

As with any contact lens, we recommend choosing a bright, completely opaque lens if you have dark eyes. This gives the lenses a better chance of completely covering your natural eye colour. Most red contact lenses will have no problem covering up even very dark eyes but if you are worried about this, try using a block colour red lens. Block colour contact lenses tend to have the strongest colours and the best chance of covering dark eye colours.