Themed Contact Lenses

Gothic Contact Lenses

Gothic contact lenses are a great way to update your look and give you outfit a little extra something. There is a huge range of gothic contact lenses out there including black and white styles, vampire lenses and intricate patterns that really stand out.

Classic Gothic Contact Lenses

For a classic gothic lens, go no further than black out contact lenses. Black out gothic lenses completely cover your natural eye colour and leave you with a glossy black eye that looks totally shocking. Black out lenses are instantly eye-catching and make a real impact. You can also get white out contact lenses that cover your eye colour, leaving you with just a black pupil. Both these lenses create a spooky look that's perfect for special occasions or just a freaky twist on everyday outfits. Another great gothic contact lens is red contact lenses. Red contacts totally transform your eyes and add a devilish twist to any outfit.

Manson Contact Lenses

Manson contact lenses feature a slim black outer ring on a plain coloured background. The classic manson contact lens is white with a black outer ring. These contacts were made famous by Marilyn Manson who often wears one white manson lens and one blackout lens. You can now find manson contact lenses in a great choice of colours, all featuring the black outer ring. This outer ring really defines your eyes and makes them stand out.

Big Eye Gothic Contact Lenses

Big eye lenses are inspired by manga characters but they also look great as part of a gothic look. Big eye gothic contacts are designed to make your eyes look bigger and have a black background with a defined outer ring and subtle colour. The result is amazing - cute, doll-like eyes that really stand out. Big eye lenses are great for a modern goth look, especially for girls and cybergoth styles.

Costume Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a real essential when you are trying to great a fancy dress costume or a costume for performance, especially at Halloween! Costume contact lenses come in a huge choice of designs ranging from specific character contact lenses to scary contact lenses and coloured lenses that can be used to create all sorts of costumes. Explore our range of halloween contact lenses to complete your costume at the next party.

When you are creating a costume think about what sort of eyes your character would have - do they have a specific look e.g. cat eyes, or a bright colour? Even if you cannot find a contact lens designed especially for the costume you want, many standard costume contact lenses can be used to create your look. Cat eye contact lenses for example, can be used in reptilian looks and various animal contact lenses while coloured contact lenses add a finishing touch to almost any costume.

If you are creating your costume for a special occasion, it is important to give some thought to the conditions in which you will be wearing your costume contact lenses. This can create problems for your eyes that would not be the case in everyday life. For example, if you wear costume contacts on stage you may want to avoid looking at bright stage lights. If you will be doing a photoshoot with make up you will need to insert your lenses before putting on make up so that it won't get on your lenses. These problems can easily be avoided but can cause real problems if you have not planned for them. As a rule all costume contact lenses should be inserted before any make up is applied and a ready supply of lens-friendly eye drops and cotton buds for fixing make up will make it easier to keep your eyes looking great.

Fantasy Contact Lenses

While costume contact lenses are used to create fancy dress and theatrical costumes, fantasy contact lenses are just out of this world. Fantasy contact lenses are designed to transform your look and feature designs inspired by magical characters, fantasy worlds and colours not seen in nature.

Fantasy contact lenses are a great way to create an amazing look. You can wear fantasy contacts with your Halloween costume, for wild photoshoots, parties and events or just to add a little craziness to any outfit. Fantasy contact lenses come in two main types - specific character contact lenses and random designs that can be used for any character or costume. Fantasy character contact lenses are great for conventions and theatrical work because they instantly get you into character. On most good contact lens websites you can find wizard contact lenses, goblin contact lenses and all manner of magical characters. If you are looking for horror-related characters you will find a great range under Halloween contact lenses. When creating a fantasy character costume we recommend inserting your lenses before applying make up or prosthetics. This is because putting in contact lenses might smudge your make up and more importantly, it is very easy to get make up on your lenses or in your eyes. Special effects make up is usually thicker and messier that regular cosmetics and can really irritate your eyes.

If you are not creating a specific character like a wizard or orc, fantasy contact lenses really let your imagination run wild. Choose brightly coloured contacts to create a striking look, intricate patterns to give a simple costume a gothic twist or animal eye contact lenses to get into character. Another fantastic type of fantasy contact lens is glow in the dark contacts. These incredible contact lenses glow in the dark and react to UV light, perfect for a night-time performance.