UV Contact Lenses

Make sure you stand out with a pair of UV contact lenses! UV lenses are a real treat and a sure fire way to stand out in the crowd. UV contact lenses use a special dye that is UV-reactive, which means that they glow brightly under UV lights. This creates a stunning look and looks amazing in clubs and parties with UV lights. We love UV contact lenses and they are perfect for a big night out. UV lenses are also fantastic for fancy dress, photoshoots and theatre performances.

UV contact lenses also look great in the daytime. Most UV lenses just look like regular coloured contacts during the day, which means that you can wear them for the whole evening. They come in a great choice of colours and designs by we think that sometimes it's best to keep things simple - block colour UV contact lenses are the original but definitely still the best!

Wearing UV Contact Lenses for Clubbing

UV contact lenses are perfect for clubbing and look amazing under UV light or black lights. They really stand out and are sure to get you lots of attention. As with all contact lenses it is important to wear your UV contacts in a safe way and there are a few things to bear in mind if you are going clubbing wearing UV lenses.

  1. Wait until the evening to insert your UV contacts. Contact lenses should not be worn for more than ten hours, so if you are planning a late night out it is not advisable to wear your contact lenses during the day too. We suggest putting them in just before you get ready to go out.
  2. Insert your UV lenses before putting on make up. This prevents you getting make up in your eyes and also stops your make up smudging when you insert your contacts.
  3. Stay hydrated. If you become dehydrated your eyes may become dry, which will make your contact lenses uncomfortable. You are more likely to become dehydrated in the evening or when drinking alcohol, so be sure to drink plenty of water.
  4. Always remember to remove your UV contact lenses. After a late night it can be tempting to leave your make up until the morning but you should always remove your lenses before bed. Sleeping with your contacts in place will irritate your eyes and can lead to infections so always remove your lenses and place them in a contact lens case.

Are UV Contact Lenses Safe?

UV contact lenses are completely safe to use. They are just like any other coloured contact lens and do not pose any risk if used correctly. All contact lenses may irritate your eyes if worn for too long incorrectly cleaned or incorrectly stored so please read the manufacturer's instructions and follow our safety guidelines. As long as you do so there is no health risk to wearing UV contact lenses.