Violet Contact Lenses

Violet contact lenses create a really stunning look and completely transform the look of your eyes. Violet eyes are very unusual and people who are described as having violet eyes often actually have grey or blue eyes that look violet in certain lighting. For example the actress Elizabeth Taylor is often described as having violet eyes, but in different photographs and films her eyes can look like deep blue, violet or grey.

There are many, many types of violet contact lenses that you can use to create a relatively natural or fantasy-look eye colour. Because true violet eyes are so unusual, most violet contact lenses will not give you a natural look, even if they are blended like a natural eye. Despite this, violet contact lenses are very flattering. Violet and purple colours refresh the complexion and can reduce the appearance of dark circles. Violet contact lenses really open up the eye are and give you a wide-awake look in the same way that purple eye make can. You can also find a great range of violet contact lenses where the purple colour is blended with a more natural colour such as blue or brown, creating a subtler look.

Natural Look Violet Contact Lenses

Due to the scarcity of natural violet eyes, it is unlikely that anyone will believe that your violet contact lenses are your natural eye colour. You can however use violet contact lenses to create a subtle violet eye that while not found in nature, looks soft and believable. The trick if to choose a multi-tone violet lens with lots of different shades blended together. This mimics the colouration of naturally green or blue eyes, giving you a more natural look. Another route is to choose a "violet tint contact lens". These lenses have a clear background with a pattern that lets your natural eye colour show through, so that the violet colour simply adds another, brighter tone to your eye colour.

Which Violet Contact Lenses Look Good On Dark Eyes?

If you have dark-coloured eyes we recommend a violet contact lens that is opaque and completely covers your natural eye colour. This is more likely if you choose a parker, more vibrant shade of violet - lighter shades may end up showing your own eye colour through the lens. We also recommend a circle lens with a dark, defined outer ring. This will help the violet contact lenses cover your eye colour and are more likely to suit your complexion.