White Out Contact Lenses

If you want to create a shocking look then white out contact lenses are for you! These stunning contact lenses white-out your iris, leaving just your pupil showing. This makes for a very intense, unusual look and is sure to make you stand out. White out lenses are ideal for a gothic look but also excellent for fancy dress - which out contacts are the best way to finish your vampire, zombie, ghost or demon costume.

True white out contact lenses are completely white and blend in with your cornea. This effect won't work if your eyes become red or irritated, so we recommend using redness-reducing eye drops before wearing these lenses. Always check the instructions on your eye drops before using them with contact lenses. You can also find white out contact lenses that have a thin black border. These white lenses are often known as Manson contact lenses because the singer Marilyn Manson often wears this style of lens. White out contact lenses with a border will stand out a little more and remove the problem of redness.

White out Manson contact lenses give your outfit an instant gothic twist and are great for special looks. Marilyn Manson is known for wearing one of these lenses and one black out lens, a look that is easy to replicate. Here at You Know It we give you the option of buying single lenses, so you can mix and match your white out contacts with black out lenses or any other colour contact.