White Mesh Contact Lenses (Pair)

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  • By Hieifireshadow from Chicago, IL, USA
    07 April 2015
  • Amazing lenses!!
    I bought a pair of these when I was overseas in the UK back in the summer of 2012, and only just now are they starting to die out. I bought them for my Toph cosplay and I've gotten tons of compliments when wearing these as her many times since then. They're super comfortable, even for a first-time, non-prescription lens user- I was able to wear them for a full day without any issues, and I had never worn contacts before owning these. The vision is kind of blurry, but that's expected because of the design. I can still see everything, albeit cloudy, and the only real problem is that I have to be pretty close in order to read anything, but I'm in no way complaining. These lenses are super awesome, and I've recommended EDIT to tons of cosplayers since I bought them. I'll definitely be buying from them again. In fact, I'm ordering a new pair today!! (: Completely and totally impressed.
  • By PsycBaby from Sweden
    08 August 2014
  • Highly recommend!
    I live in sweden and got it lika, 3 or 4 days after ordering! Very comfertebal, and it giver you a rather good sight, it's like seeng though fog. Over all, really good lenses, fast delivery, what can I say more? :)
  • By Loz from Aus
    25 October 2011
  • OMG
    The white mesh ones are fantabulous. it's a little blurrier than i thought, but they look sooooo realistic! perfect for a zombie costume, i got a million raves!!!!!
  • By oxy6 from The Netherlands
    24 August 2011
  • Amazing lenses, really shocking ;)
    Got them on time, I really love these lenses, perfect for a good halloween/ zombie dress up. Seriously love it!!! <3 You can still see everything great, only a little white haze (the less light in a room the better you can see through them)
  • By Matches1047 from Lafayette, Louisiana
    11 October 2010
  • WOW!
    These contacts are great! I needed something that made my entire eye look white that I could still see through. I was a bit skeptical about how they would look because of the tiny black holes. When I put them in, they were amazing. They felt great, I could still see, and they gave the complete white look that I was going for.