Manga Contact Lenses

Manga contact lenses are designed to make your eyes look like a manga character and are very popular, especially in Japan and Korea. Manga characters usually have very large, rounded eyes that give them a signature cute look. These big eyes are an important part of manga character design and if you are trying to get the manga look, they are the icing on the cake. Before the creation of manga contact lenses it was almost impossible to create this sort of wide manga eye but with manga contact lenses you can completely transform your eyes.

Manga contact lenses use special designed that make your iris look bigger and more defined. They often have very dark outer rings that are slightly bigger than your iris - these are called circle lens. Circle lenses have the outer ring and a bright, glossy colour in the centre that makes your eyes look very big and cartoony. Most outer types of manga contact lens also have this big, defined outer ring but there is a huge range of designs to choose from, including big eye lenses, anime lenses and special designs inspired by your favourite manga characters. On this page you can find out more about the different types of manga contact lenses and how to get that perfect manga look.

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Big Eye contact lenses make it easy to create larger looking, more defined eyes. They are designed to not only make your eyes look bigger but also to make them very bright, glossy and adorable. Big eye contacts are inspired by the oversized eyes of manga characters. Manga characters usually have big, cute eyes with lots of glossy highlights, which makes them look very sweet and innocent. Obviously it would be impossible to actually enlarge your eyes like a manga character, but big eye contact lenses use clever designs to make your iris and pupil look bigger, which makes your whole eye look bigger too.

Big eye contact lenses are similar to circle lenses but they tend to use a black background and have simpler designs. This makes your eyes look really big, glossy and eye-catching. The black background completely covers your natural eye colour and gives you a really wide-eyed look. Some big eye lenses have a coloured ring on top of the black background, while some are plain black. The colour allows you to create a slightly brighter look and is perfect for cosplay because you can match the colours to the eye colour of your chosen character.

Circle Lens

Circle lenses are a special type of contact lens with a very defined outer ring. This makes the iris look much bigger and gives the whole eye a bright, glossy and wide-eyed look. Circle lenses are very popular in Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Korea, where they are commonly worn by popular actresses and pop stars.

Circle lenses are slightly different from big eye lenses because they tend to have more colour and variation in design. They come in most natural-look eye colours and tend to use a slightly brighter version of natural eye colours, so that your eyes really stand out. This also means that wearers can choose a circle lens that matches the natural eye colour and suits their complexion, which makes them more suitable for day-to-day use.

Circle lenses have a clear centre that allows you to see clearly while wearing them. This makes them very comfortable and easy to use but means that sometimes your natural eye colour can show through the middle of the lens. It is therefore advisable to choose a circle lens that is either in a similar colour range to your natural eyes, or a design that fades gently towards the centre, giving a subtler look. You can also get circle lenses that just have the outer ring - the rest of the lens in clear. This means that they simply enlarge and define your eyes, without changing the colour of your eyes.

Cosplay Contact Lenses

Cosplay contact lenses are the perfect way to complete your cosplay. Cosplay lenses come in two main varieties - cosplay contact lenses designed to resemble a specific character and more generic contact lenses that can be used for a range of characters.

Cosplay character contact lenses are available for most popular characters and really help to complete the look. Many manga and cosplay characters have special eyes that are either a special colour or feature a specific design. By wearing cosplay contact lenses you can add another dimension to your costume and really stand out from the crowd. Specific character cosplay lenses are great but if you cannot find specific character lenses, don't worry! Big eye contacts and circle lenses also give you a classic manga look and come in a huge range of colours and styles similar to many popular characters.

Sharingan Contact Lenses

Sharingan contact lenses are inspired by the popular Naruto manga series. They come in designs that match the different characters' Sharingan, which is a special genetic trait that some of the characters from the Naruto series posses. "Sharingan" translates literally as "copy wheel eye" and the red eye design appears when a character manifest their powers. The sharingan gives the characters the power to see very fast movements, predict what enemies will do next, copy other's ninja moves and create hypnosis. Only some of the characters in Naruto possess the sharingan, including Madara Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake.

Naruto sharingan contact lenses come in choice of designs based on the different character's sharingan. Each sharingan lens is different but they are all red and black and really stand out. Sharingan contact lenses are perfect for cosplay and allow you to create a very accurate Naruto look. These lenses completely cover up your natural eye colour and look fantastic, especially once you are in full character with hair, make up and costume.