Funky Green UV Contact Lenses

Product Code: CRAZY-50


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  • By contacts
    09 February 2013
  • contacts
    I want these
  • By Emerald Kid from Mesa, AZ, USA
    06 March 2011
  • Update on Funky Eyes Green UV Contacts
    I still love this product. I forgot to add on my initial review of them, that even though they look bright green in the picture, they arrive looking more turquoise blue. On my dark brown eyes, their color is very turquoise and not the stark green as in the illustration. This color looks fabulous with my dark lashes, brows and black hair color. Come on, don't be afraid to order this color! I have always been afraid that colored contacts would not show up on my very dark irises, but these really do. I have ordered a couple of other pairs from other companies and have been disappointed, because they were not that noticeable, but these Funky Contacts have made me a "forever" customer. Love from hot Mesa, AZ
  • By Emerald Kid from Mesa, AZ, USA
    25 February 2011
  • Just the greatest contacts!
    I received my first pair of Funky Eyes Green UV Contacts the other day and wow, are they great! I have VERY dark brown eyes, but these babies completely cover up the brown. I look so different with this eye color. Thanks so much for the great products. By the way, shipping from UK was pretty fast, too. You have a customer for life. I haven't tried these in UV light, yet, but I know they look great in natural lighting.