Evening Grey Big Eyes Contact Lenses (Pair)

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  • By alikatu from Canada
    19 January 2012
  • Happy
    These lenses worked on changing my eye colour dramatically without looking too fake. They changed my overall look so that I could experiment with different makeup colours and styles...which made me very happy. I am going to buy another colour in this exact same line. I am not an expert contact wearer, I've only had 3 other vanity pairs before, so I don't know if this is normal or not (maybe it's just my eyes), but if I cried, I could actually blink these contacts out. Also, there seemed to be a tiny ragged point on each contact edge, as if they were attached to something in the manufacturing process and then separated...but I'm not sure if they came that way, or if I did it inadvertently. Both jags were scratchy on my eye. Any way...8 out of 10 stars for those two reasons. Love the overall look!!! Will buy again and again!!
  • By Kerri from Cramlington
    13 March 2011
  • Perfect!
    These are my first pair of contacts and they're perfect, so comfortable I cant even tell I'm wearing them! Everyone thinks they look great, they look more bluey on me but thats maybe because my eyes are quite light Totally recommend these to anyone!
  • By arti_stic from London
    05 September 2010
  • Amazing contacts for dolly eyes
    An amazing product, really glad i bought it. Really (!) comfortable to wear, these lenses give my eyes really wide and 'dolly' looks without looking too fake. They have a black outer ring and gray-blueish colour coming towards the centre. Although, not 100% natural looking, people do notice that something weird is going on and sometimes ask if I have lenses on. But if you want to go out and have a catchy and defined look, those lenses are what you need.