Colour Vision White Mesh Contact Lenses (Pair)

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  • By Kasey from Kansas
    11 November 2015
  • Great quality
    Bought these a couple years back but forgot to review. Wonderful quality, arrived in tact and no tears. I did have some issues seeing with them on but it was more like seeing through steam. Gave me a great effect for my homestuck cosplays. I have dark brown eyes so the contact did appear a hair darker than my sclera. But that wasn't too much of a problem.
  • By Megan from NC
    31 October 2014
  • Great
    Wore these for halloween and they were just awesome! Enjoyed them a great deal :)
  • By eb11 from Washington USA
    04 October 2014
  • Very great.
    I love these. perfect for my demon costume. I did an in-depth review about these contacts here: I will definitely buy from here again.
  • By KeyoZombeh from usa
    25 July 2014
  • worth the money
    At first I was afraid to get contacts online, but a friend suggested the website and I winged it and got the mesh! it was the best decision I ever made. they're comfortable and I can see through them very well ( I was afraid Id have to have someone to help me see with them on). They were also perfect for my Hinata Hyuga cosplay :3
  • By Talbot from USA
    19 January 2014
  • Nice effect!
    These lenses are easy to see out of. I was worried that the mesh pattern might be too obvious, but it doesn't seem to be visible from outside of one meter. My family knows it's just a lens, but they still can't stand to look at me while I'm wearing it. They're quite comfortable and hold their place well, after a minute or two of fiddling with them to get them right. As with any pair of unfitted lenses, don't wear them for more than 6 to 8 hours at a time, and give your eyes lots of time to rest between sessions of wearing them(preferably days). If I could change one thing about these lenses, I would add the ability to choose from some of the more common iris diameters, and maybe curvatures, just to make them safer for longer wear. I understand that would be a tall order and add to the price, so I'm quite satisfied the way they are.