Wildfire Crazy Contact Lenses (Pair)

Product Code: CR-0040


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  • By torch from columbus ohio
    09 July 2014
  • i love these
    i have never wore contacts before, ever in my life and it only took me a day (24hrs) to get used to them. i dont even fell them in my eyes. i had to keep asking a friend if they were still in. i work in a haunted house so my eyes say a lot about the character i play. i have had so many people ask what happen to my eyes and if i was ok. they look so "real" and "natual". again not wearing contacts ever in my life these were great.
  • By Kumont from Oregon
    20 March 2014
  • WIldfire
    I was shopping around all sorts of websites for contact lenses because I've been wanting to cosplay a sith lord. I saw a lot of decent contacts for insane prices ($200.00 And up) And the my friend showed me youknowit.com I will never shop at another site for contacts ever again. Thank your for AFFORDABLE products that are the same thing on other websites. I will be the ENvy of very other sith cosplayer ever!!!
  • By gdogg1212
    10 August 2013
  • Wildfire
    I LOVE my Wildfire contacts, I have very Dark Brown eyes and they cover my natural eye color!! They are so comfortable that i sometimes forget they are in. I also get so many compliments on my contacts! I'm a repeat customer and will continue to be, Thank you, youknowit.com for the amazing products!!
  • By greg from Paradise CA
    09 August 2013
  • wildfire contacts
    I absolutely love my wildfire contacts!! They are exactly what I was looking for, and more!! I have dark brown eyes and they COMPLETELY cover my natural eye color!!They are so comfortable that sometimes I forget I'm wearing them! I get a lot of compliments on the wildfire contacts, and have recommended that they go to Youknowit.com if they want ANY contacts. I'm also a repeat customer and will continue to be!!