Funky Eyes White Contact Lenses

Product Code: Funky0129

RRP: $17.95


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  • By Bane from Delaware
    18 July 2013
  • Great product!
    This was EXTREMELY comfortable, i really loved them. i bought these and the red contacts, i absolutely loved these the most! i could barely feel them. this was the first time ever wearing contacts. I guarantee you wont be dissatisfied with these. They came in within a week (7days) i bought them on the 9th they came to my house on the 16th.
  • By Tyloris from USA
    03 December 2012
  • Amazing
    These contact lenses were great, perfect for my wizard costume for Halloween and fun to wear around any other day.
  • By Tylo from New York
    14 November 2012
  • Great for Halloween
    This product was great, not only for my costume on Halloween but also just to wear for fun!
  • By Sabrina from Toronto, Canada
    15 October 2012
  • Great Contacts
    These contacts are great i have dark brown eyes and they cover the colour completely. I am wearing them for a zombie costume this halloween. The shipping was really fast about 4 business days. I would definitely recommend this site to friends! Price was also amazing and the main reason i ordered them.
  • By Nihu from The Netherlands
    13 October 2011
  • Great!
    This is so cool! I have dark eyes, and I just couldn't believe that these lenses would completely block my own eye-color, but they do! They reduce my vision a little bit (I think like 5 to 10%), but I only wear them for fun (as part of my Halloween zombie outfit), so I don't mind. They also fit comfortably. The white effect is supercool and freaky. I can highly recommend them to everybody! :D