Twilight Contact Lenses (Pair)

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  • By Georgia
    30 April 2013
  • Soooo beautiful!!!!
    I have never worn contacts before.It's really easy, i though it would be more difficult..Wearing these contacts make me realize how Edward could dazzle people..The colour is discreet yet so mystical and hypnotic the same time.I love them! <3
  • By Pierilovee25 from Florida
    07 May 2012
  • Twilight FOREVERR!!
    These were the first contacts i ever owned and i was scared of putting them on my eyes for the first time and to get them out was even scarier. But after the 2nd time i did it without hesitation. I LOVEEEEE THESE CONTACTS!!! Everyone at school noticed even some people ive never met before. Some guy came up to me and said ''I like ur eyes" and i had to say they were CULLEN EYES ;)
  • By alikatu from Canada
    19 January 2012
  • Twilight Eyes
    I have dark hazel eyes and, although these contacts are very attractive, they didn't change my eye colour dramatically. I thought it would give my eyes golden-glow, but I personally couldn't see much of a difference. Of course, the price, service and delivery of is fantastic!! I only give this product a 7 out of 10 because it's not their fault that I have darker eyes of a similar shade.
  • By Stacey from Maine, USA
    11 October 2010
  • Twilight Eyes
    I was amazed at how quickly my contacts arrived and packaged great compared to a pair from a different dealer.. I have bright blue eyes and these had quite an effect on my appearance.. I am quite pleased at how comfortable and easy these went in and not to mention the price... WOW... I'm already onto my next orders of contacts and hoping I'm as pleased with the others as I am with these... definately an A++++++++