Solar Blue Crazy Contact Lenses (Pair)

Product Code: CRAZY-128


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  • By Anonymous
    17 March 2015
  • Amazing color!!
    They're comfortable! Give off a nice light blue tone!! My eyes are brown and green. They cover up pretty well. Sometimes a little space when the pupils are smaller, but that's a given. About to buy these for the second time :D!!
  • By ljdlite from Seattle, Washington
    24 October 2011
  • Avatar yellow contacts
    great product. I opted for the free delivery and just prayed that my contacts come in time for my Halloween party and they did!!!! The contacts aren't fitted perfectly, but what do you expect for contacts that are one size fit most, i have small asian eyes :) I will definetely order again in the future. Also I love the vials that the contacts came in.
  • By Anonymous
    12 October 2011
  • Dark w/ dark eyes
    Bought these looking for a really light blue color contact. I have very dark brown eyes. They turned out looking more turquoise once in my eyes than the pale sky blue shown on the website. But they are striking.
  • By Chelsie from Miami, FL
    20 September 2011
  • These contacts are amazing.
    I have astigmatism so normally I have to order toric lenses, but I ordered these because I had heard good things about and figured worst case scenario I could stack these contacts over my prescription lenses. However, I received them in the mail today, and they fit perfectly without stacking or anything! This is the first pair of color contacts I have ever been able to wear successfully. I left them in for a couple of hours and they were comfortable the whole time. I am DEFINITELY going to be ordering more colors from this website and this brand for my other cosplays!
  • By Tyler from Georgia
    23 June 2011
  • Very Nice
    These are the best contacts I have worn, EVER!!! I constantly get told how natural they look. It's so amazing.