Twilight Volturi Vampire Contact Lenses

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  • By Bree from California
    18 October 2014
  • Bought these for halloween...
    .. And I love them! First of all, I ordered them on a Friday and they came the following Friday. Only took 1 week to get from the UK to California. Very happy about that! Ive also never ever used or even tried on contacts before and I found these to be very easy to put in. They were very irritating at first (due to this being my first time), but within a couple minutes my eyes got used to them. My vision is pretty clear with them in, although there is a bit of a red tint in my peripherals. I can't wait to wear these with my vampire makeup this halloween. I'm sure everyone will love them! Great product, fast shipping. Couldn't be happier!! :)
  • By holdmyweave
    07 October 2013
  • so cool!!!!!
    These contacts are amazing!!!!! before this id never used contacts before , but that wasnt a problem because i cant even remember that they are there. i will definetly be ordering from this site again. :)
  • By chloe from massachusetts
    15 June 2013
  • awesome!!1
    they absolutely look and feel great in my eyes!!!
  • By Hizomi from Singapore
    19 February 2013
  • Excited
    These contacts are the best I've ever had. They feel good and look great. I have very dark eyes and these still look striking on it. I will definitely recommend these and will continue purchasing off this site site as long as it's available.
  • By lissa from Georgia/Tbilisi
    24 January 2013
  • Twilight Volturi Vampire Contact Lenses (red)