Funky Eyes Blue UV Contact Lenses

Product Code: Funky0143

RRP: $17.95


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  • By Aubrey from Connecticut
    25 December 2013
  • Awesome
    These contacts are awesome. Just got them today, and they look beautiful in my eyes. I love them. :)
  • By Brooklyn from Brooklyn, N Y
    27 September 2013
  • Love my colored eyes
    My close friend introduced me to the color contact. I've been using them for the past year and I really, really love them. When I put them on - people would stared at my eyes and ask me if they are my colored eyes. They say I look pretty with them on. They last pretty long time on and they feel comfortable. I am going to keep buying them and use them as long as I can. And I only wear blue and sometimes green.
  • By Olivia from Medina, Ohio
    08 August 2012
  • Very good ^^
    So this is my first time buying from here, or any eye contacts at all! So I just bought the single, it came to me in about, 7 or 8 days. I'm so PUMPED i got them today as of 8/8/2012!! I didn't buy any of the lenses case, or the cleaning solution...which i am going to do right now. The lense i got:: SUPER!!!!!!!!!! My eyes are a super super dark brown and it covered them fully!! It doesnt show any of the brown of my eye and is rather comfy. BUT I am so buying more this sight is very good! Definitally 9 stars!!
  • By Hildo from Runcorn
    22 October 2011
  • Shock factor!
    These are very pale pastel blue in the day. Not yet wore under UV but even still there are great :). Found it slightly difficult putting them in at first but I'm sure I'll get used to them.
  • By anbachmeier from USA Oregon
    27 September 2011
  • Blue contacts
    These turned my dark brown eyes VERY blue. Love the color. They are super soft and a little hard to get used to, But Love them!