White Out Contact Lenses (Pair)

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  • By Lacifer! from Portage, WI
    28 October 2014
  • 👀❤👿
    I didn't order these early enough. They came THE DAY that I needed them. They are really awesome contacts! I fell in love with them. The only problem was one of them came torn (and I know it came that way bcuz I could see a lil imperfection on the contact before I took it out of the bottle it came in). But, bcuz I didn't have the time to return them or order another contact, I tried to make them work. I would recommend buying 3 contacts just in case. Next year that's exactly what I'll do. Had it not been for the contact being torn to begin with, my Halloween costume would've been way cooler. I will say, with only one of the contacts in, a lot of ppl thought something had actually happened to my eye. They were hesitant to say anything bcuz they didn't want to hurt my feelings. Too funny. I highly recommend this product and hope in the future to have better luck with my purchases.
  • By CeCeDaEvilPenguin from Utah
    10 October 2014
    These work so good! They are soft, not hard and they look so cool! This is my first time ever wearing contacts and they feel like they aren't even in my eyes! These are so cool and I definitely recommend them. Everyone needs to buy these, and they deliver super fast!
  • By JonDoe from USA Kenyucky
    17 October 2013
  • Whiteout the best!
    Recommended. The best.
  • By Walking Dead from USA
    20 September 2013
  • White Out Contacts Rock!!!
    Bought these for a zombie costume...AWESOME!!! TOTALLY WORTH IT and TOTALLY makes the costume! You will be the hit of any zombie/costume party with these contacts. Buying another pair this year...HIGHLY recommend!!!
  • By Courtney from Virginia
    22 November 2010
    I was a zombie nurse for Halloween and purchased this item. They were amazing, and worked perfectly. They made my costume look so real! I uploaded a picture in the customer photos! I'll definately use this website again!