Black Screen Contact Lenses (Pair)

Product Code: CRAZY-190


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  • By Brian from Portland, OR
    07 November 2010
  • Skeptical, but success!
    First off, I live in Oregon, and I just want to say how incredibly pleased I am with the breakneck speeds in which my order was processed, dispatched and arrived to me - from the UK. 10/10. As for the lenses themselves, I was skeptical at first as I purchased them as an alternative to the complete blackout lenses for being out of stock at the time (I get impatient). Seeing as they were a mesh-like design, and my eyes are a stark baby blue naturally, I didn't understand how this would appear to make my eyes blacked out... But, alas, I popped the suckers in and they worked like a charm! I've never worn contacts before, so getting used to them is something I'll overcome, though that's hardly any grievance at all. For those of you who are wondering: Yes, visibility is perfectly clear. Lights are ever so slightly dimmer than normal but I walked through town at midnight right after I put these in and had absolutely no problem navigating around trees, cars, dogs and various other [moving] objects that I came across. I've uploaded a photo below. I'm impressed and pleased!