Caring For Your Contact Lenses

It is important to care for your contact lenses correctly - this will keep your lenses soft, safe to use and looking better for longer. If you do not look after your lenses correctly you may experience eye irritation, so always take the time to clean and store your contact lenses correctly.

How To Clean Contact Lenses

Keeping your lenses clean is very important because any dirt on the lens is going to be transferred into your eye. This can cause irritation or eye infections. To clean your contact lenses, rinse them in contact lens solution.

Simply take a clean contact lens case, fill it with solution and place your lenses inside. Close the case and shake it gently to dislodge any residue. Do not wipe or rub your lenses as this can tear them. Your lenses should look clean but we advise cleaning them before and after you wear them, even if they do look clean. Never wash your lenses in anything other than contact lens solution - using water will damage your lenses.

How To Store Contact Lenses

We recommend storing your contact lenses in a purpose built storage container, similar to the one pictured on the right hand side.

What To Do When You Receive Your Lenses

Fashion contact lenses are packaged in either a blister pack or sealed glass vials. This keeps the lens sterile but can make it difficult to insert your lenses for the first time. We advise that you do the following before you insert your lenses.

  1. Open the lens vial / blister pack.
  2. If your lenses are in a glass vial, pour away half of the fluid.
  3. Tip the lens and remaining liquid into a clean contact lens case.
  4. Either insert lenses or close the contact lens case.

What to Do When You Have Removed Your Lenses

  1. Fill a clean contact lens case with contact lens solution.
  2. Place your lens in the case and check for tearing or damage.
  3. If the lens is damaged throw it away, if not shut the case tightly.
  4. Store your contact lens case at room temperature, away from heat sources.