White Zombie Contact Lenses (Pair)

Product Code: CRAZY-126


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  • By PsyBirdy from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    08 August 2014
  • Perfect!
    I Love Love LOVE these contacts. I have a wicked CyberGoth outfit and these contacts are the iceing on the cake. Eerily sexy and off putting all at the same time. I wore them at an outdoor music festival for 12 hours.
  • By Kyle from Virginia
    24 June 2011
  • White Zombie Contacts
    I am glad this website actually ships the product. The last website I ordered from i waited two months and then they said they never even shipped or made them yet. The contacts look great and arent uncomfortable.
  • By MiO from Alaska
    18 December 2010
  • Freakin Awesome!
    These contact lenses freak people out SO MUCH! I get constant looks and questions about them, and I am frequently told that I look like Marilyn Manson with them in. I enjoy having them and wearing them. They are very comfortable, and don't get irritating often. Another cool thing is when you turn them inside out and wear them, they become white-outs!