Funky Manson Contact Lenses

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  • By Kasiejoe from Missouri
    26 September 2012
  • Mason contacts!
    I. LOVE. THESE. CONTACTS. They're super comfortable and make me the center of attention. Everyone just can't take their eyes off them. I can't wait to wear these for halloween :)
  • By adio from summerville s.c
    30 August 2012
  • manson contact lenses
    these are great contacts it just all depends on how you take care of them...i would buy these anytime :)
  • By Sabrina from California USA
    08 October 2011
  • Manson contacts!
    These are epic they look great and I'm pretty happy with them. But- after I put my eyeliner on they started to murk up a little so I figured my eyes were adjusting I had to take them out and I saw my eyeliner was murkily stuck to the clear parts. It doesn't do that to my other pairs. All and all im really happy with them! I just need to be careful wearing makeup with them.
  • By Dahmeyon from USA
    14 September 2010
  • Manson White Contacts
    This product was alot more than what I thought it was going to be. These contacts draw alot of attention, and are very comfortable. I really recommend this product.