Funky White UV Contact Lenses

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  • By Spyral from Osaka Japan
    13 October 2011
  • Icy!
    This year I'm planning to be a vampire and I wanted the iciest eye color possible. I chose these Funky Eyes White UV lenses because I hoped the color would be slightly transparent and they are. (Be advised that these are not opaque white-out lenses.) The effect with my dark blue eye color is the palest natural white with a hint of gray. Simply stunning.
  • By Sarah from Staffird
    06 October 2011
  • Awesome
    I was surprised to how quick i received my contacts, they were tricky to get in but they actually fit really good, a bit uncomfortable to begin with but i wore them a couple of times just to get used to them, very happy with this product and would defiantly recommend it, and i think its better than paying like £65 from the options :D thanks
  • By Firemonkey from Usa, Oregon
    27 July 2011
  • sweet look
    Just got my contacts in the mail today soaked them in cleaner for acouple hours and put them in. they look sweet very natural looking i recommend these .